Our Mission, Philosophy & the Why of what we do

ABA Delights mission is to be the leading seller of plant based snacks in the world.
ABA Delights creates delicious live plant based (totally vegan) snack foods with high quality organic ingredients.
ABA Delights specializes in a variety of satisfyingly crunchy kale chips that pack a flavorful delight in every bite.

ABA Delights Philosophy is...
Everyone has heard the statement: you are what you eat. We take this to heart and only put the best ingredients into what we produce. By eating the best ingredients we can be our best. ABA Delights products are made to be savored by all. You will experience eating invigorating plant-based food in all of our snacks. That's our commitment to you.

Why I do what I do
I started making kale chips out of a love for natural and organic foods. In my early twenties I became a plant-based vegan for health and longevity. I attended a live food retreat for two weeks and came back motivated to immerse myself into cleaner and healthier eating habits.  Since I worked and commuted long hours, I would regularly purchase prepared plant based foods including kale chips from my favorite health food store which became a bit costly. I reviewed the ingredient list and noted that I already had each of the delicious raw food ingredients at home. I was like, let me try it myself. It took many attempts until I found a mix that I really enjoyed. That was over ten years ago. Since that time, I have regularly shared my kale with my family and friends. Often family, friends and others request me to sell these delicious snacks just to have a stash of their own. Now you can experience all the flavors, purchase here: GOLDEN NACHO, SPICY NACHO, COOL CURRY, & OPULENT ONION.