ABA Delights

The March 2020 stay at home mandate of the COVID-19 Pandemic gave me the time I needed to focus on developing ABA Delights products: Organic KALE Chips. This business began as a personal passion which I am now sharing with the world.
I am all about sharing my best work, and I can undoubtedly say that these kale chips are the best around. I get asked by family and friends to bring some over for the event or happening. I would love to share these full flavored kale chips with you as well. Try some today and consider buying for a friend. Sharing is caring. 
ABA Delights Kale Chips can be purchased through Etsy by clicking here. 
If you are a food reseller please get in touch about carrying ABA Delights products in your store.

What’s so great about these kale chips?
Well, glad you asked. Besides being the best around, these kale chips are cheesy, tasty and properly savory. The ingredients used are purchased locally and always organic. The kale is made with care and prepared in small batches. Wherever I go I keep some kale chips handy for a quick and healthy snack when I’m on the go. Since the chips are a dried food, they keep well for about a month but would probably last longer if you don’t eat them all when you open the container.

How the Kale are you? 
Kale is considered a superfood. Superfoods are considered to be high in densely packed nutrients which help you live long and stay strong, while low in calories-Yay! Kale boasts fiber and protein. According to the United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) 100g of kale nearly 90% is water, the rest is pure goodness: potassium, folate and vitamin A. All that aside, kale is downright delish even without touting the nutritional accolades.
Other fun ingredients along the way
While kale is the ingredient in the lime light, garlic and nutritional yeast are also rock stars of these kale chips. Garlic is well known for its antioxidants powers. Nutritional yeast is  a mainstay for plant based vegans  to add a nutty or cheesy flavor and the essential vitamin B12.
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